Christians are the Worst (Sometimes)

"By  this ,  all   people  will know that you are my disciples, if you  love  for  one another ." John 13:35 What was the Apostle John talking about here? If you read the entire passage, page, chapter, it is shockingly easy to understand. John was talking about how important it is for Christians to love everyone. He states that "all people" will know you are a Christian by how well you do this, how well you  love  others. "All people" is essential phrasing, referring to literally everyone, Christians, Jews, and non-believers. We can easily apply that today to people of all races, religions, atheists, and people of varying cultures and sub-cultures. It means people who dress differently than you, members of the LBGQT community, and yes, even Yankees fans (joking, but not really). Finally, what about that word  love ? I mean, I love tacos but not like I love my wife. I love Andy's Frozen Custard, but not like I love my kids. So, how can we show love? T

Conflict (Growth)

I worry too much about what others think. It's true.  I wish I was stronger or more teflon-coated , but for some reason (genetics?) I just can't. Even people whose company I don't enjoy, if they have a problem with me, are annoyed by something I've said, or frustrated with my ideas or words, it's unsettling. Being that stereotypical kid from the 80s trying to get his parents to get along and be happy, takes it toll. Another layer to this struggle: What do you do when there's conflict with people you love, respect, and look up to? How do you handle it when something you say angers someone? Well, I can tell you how I handle it, not well. I can tell you what I do, think about it way too much and maybe stress-eat a little. Bear in mind, I'm extroverted, outgoing, social, and at times funny (some people think so), even a little obnoxious on occasion. So, the odds of me sticking my foot in my mouth, especially if I find myself in the "comedic zone" are

In the Beginning...

The Bible starts off with the words, "In the beginning..." Honestly we figured that these words provided a good place to start. However, this blog supporting our podcast We Used to be Friends won't be as profound as the Bible. We would love for it to help and entertain people, but there is a clear realization that we can only do so much. Tracy met BJ and Josh in the 9th grade (actually he met BJ one day during a short-lived stint at Osage Beach Elementary in 6th, but that's a story for another time). BJ and Josh had been friends for awhile, and then Tracy crashed the party. These three clowns fit nicely into a friendship group consisting of six boys at Camdenton High School in the flannel-ridden, grunge blaring mid-90s. We started off as high school friends but over the many years since (three decades, actually, but who's counting?), we have grown into being brothers . It isn't legal, nobody is related by blood or marriage, but it's much deeper than that,